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Strong bristle brushes for removing burn-on foods, carbon deposits and rust Two bristle strengths - use one side for light scrubbing, the other for heavy duty brushing 7/8" bristle trim...
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Plastic fill with 5/8" trim 4-1/2" x 1-1/2" finger-grip blue plastic block 5/8" bristle trim length Additional row of bristles on top of the block for effective nail cleaning
Plastic fill 1" bristle trim length Curved handle reaches into glasses, pots and pans and sinks 10-1/4" overall length UPC 365310908 / Boxed 24 per carton / Item Weight 0.08...
Soft, absorbent, nonabrasive foam sponge brush Versatile tool used to gently clean the inside of drinking glasses, bottles, fragile stemware, coffee pots and more. Sponge pieces are arranged in a...