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Abrasive 180 Grit Nylon Rotary Brush - 12"

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  • Blue, medium stiffness, .035” / 180-grit abrasive bristles. 1-3/4” trim.
  • For general scrubbing on resilient, non-slip flooring, ceramic, terrazzo, quarry tile and smooth coated concrete floors.
  • Outlasts more than 100 blue or red pads without clogging.
  • Must be used wet.
  • Available in sizes: 10” thru 21”

Brushes are sized 2” less than the machine, allowing the brush to clear the apron/shroud of the machine and any bristle flair caused by the normal use of the brush.

Nylon grit brushes are effective, convenient and economically sound replacements for disposable pads, often lasting more than 100 times longer without clogging. As the grit number increases, the brush gets softer. Silicon carbide grit is impregnated into the nylon filament at the point of extrusion, making it part of the bristle. The result is effective cleaning with a longer brush life.

46 Grit: Most aggressive grit scrub brush, used for extra heavy-duty stripping & scrubbing of heaviest soils on the roughest floors. Replaces black pads.
80 Grit: Recommended for heavy-duty stripping & scrubbing of industrial floors. Replaces black or brown pads.
120 Grit: For general-duty stripping & scrubbing of concrete, brick, & quarry tile floors. Replaces green or blue pads.
180 Grit: For daily scrubbing of resilient tile & finished floors. Replaces blue or red pads.
500 Grit: For gentle scrubbing & polishing. Replaces red or white pads.

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