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Poly Rotary Carpet Scrub Brushes - 19"

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  • Vendor :Better Brush
  • Preferred for low nap carpets.
  • More aggressive than the nylon carpet brush.
  • The blue outer .030” rows carry the buffer weight.
  • The yellow, softer inner .020” rows do the scrubbing.
  • The brush block has a 1” riser and shower feed holes. 
  • Available in sizes 12” thru 20”.
  • Order #720508 Glide plate for Carpet Brushes separately.
    • The optional, adjustable height plate bolts under the carpet brush and bears part of the buffer weight. Adjust the plate height to fit the scrubbing strength desired. Must order 1” riser separately.

Poly and Nylon Bristle Brushes are designed for convenient cleaning of hard, soft and carpeted floors. Available in longest lasting nylon or economical and reliable polypropylene.

Break in Your Carpet Brush:

Soften or “flag” the brush bristles before the first use to avoid carpet wear. Run your machine DRY on a rough concrete floor for 10 minutes. Then wash the brush to remove any soils. Always make sure that the shower feed holes are not plugged.

Rotary Bristle Selection Guide